6 Reasons Writers Can’t Write….

You are right! there are times when you think, I’m never going to get a chance to write this story because there is always something to do before that. Just keep pushing.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

Haven't I heard that already? From you? Six times?

Writing fiction is never easy, for so many reasons…. reasons that can easily become excuses to put off getting back to the blank page.

I know that I go through periods of excitement and fun with my fiction, and period when for, one reason or another, I just can’t even open a document. I can’t even think about opening a document.

I believe, though, that writing fiction is part of who I am. So when the going gets tough, I try to examine why exactly it is that I can’t get to writing, or I can’t get excited about writing.

Here are six things, that in different times or in various combinations, have prevented me from writing. It’s important to do your best to understand why the task feels daunting when it becomes that way. Often it’s easy to blame the BIG reason, the obvious reason, when the true barrier…

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