Flashing News

ufo-146685_640Three men lives were interrupted one afternoon by an announcement going across the television screen. Taylor, Christopher and Marvin all live in different states, but the announcement was heard by all three men, and apparently the only ones to see this information. What they read is there is an unknown object in the general vicinity of Macon, Georgia. The U.S. armed force insists that it is a high altitude surveillance balloon. Some people in the armed forces believe that the military covered up the recovery of an alien spacecraft. Two aliens left the ship on foot and went northeast; they have not been found.

This incident happens on January 6, 1956, it was a mild cool day with rain in the forecast. It was business as usual. No one knew about the spacecraft or the aliens except for the armed forces and the three men that saw the information on screen. That happen at 11:00 a.m. After that one news flash, it was not mention again. Amazed, the three men were curious about the aliens. They then decided to go to Macon, Georgia.

Taylor lives in Amsterdam; he owns a video store there. He is a short chubby man with blonde hair and brown eyes; he has a warm smile and likes to dress casual He flew all the way from Amsterdam to see what was going on. When he heard about the aliens, his head was filled with questions. Taylor checked into a local hotel, and rested a bit before getting a bite for dinner.

Christopher lives in Arkansas; he is a Registered Nurse and works at St Pauls hospital. He is medium build; wears a low haircut, dark eyes, and a pleasant smile. He is wearing brown khaki pants, a white polo shirt and brown loafer shoes. He is also interested in the aliens that landed in Macon, Georgia. He is worried that if they do not catch the aliens, they may be a danger to society.

Marvin lives in Washington; he owns a restaurant called Peppers. He is a thin tall man with curly brown hair; he has dark brown eyes, and a welcoming smile. He wears black jeans, jacket to match, a white shirt and black shoes. Marvin’s reaction to the news about the aliens is. Why the two aliens walk away? Is anyone trying to find them? What will they do when the aliens are found? Marvin is very concerned as to what will happen, when they find the aliens.

The three men arrived in Macon, Georgia thirty minutes apart and they ended up in the same restaurant, and as luck would have it; they all set at the same table. All men greeted each other, and Taylor asked the question that was on everyone’s mind.

“Did any of you hear about a spaceship that landed here a few hours ago?”  Taylor asked.

“Why yes, that’s the reason I am here, there was a news flash across the television screen.”

Christopher replied.

“Yes, I saw the news flash across my television screen too.” Marvin added.

“I think I will ask someone about the news, and see if anyone knows anything, because something is peculiar around here,” Christopher said.

Christopher asked the waiter if he heard anything about a spacecraft or aliens that left on foot, he said no, and he was very surprised about what Christopher had asked him. Then, the waiter started asking people he work with if they heard anything like that, and they said no. Christopher is puzzled, and he thought, why is it that no one knows about the spacecraft and the aliens that left on foot?

Back at the table, Christopher told the guys that no one has heard anything. The guys tried to figure out why no one knows anything and they could not come up with a practical answer.

“Man that is confusing, no one knows anything,” said Christopher.

“They may not have been home when the news flash appeared or they may have missed it,” replied Taylor.

“Whatever the reason, I did see the news flash,” replied Marvin.

After the guys finished eating, they decided to take a walk around town, to see what can be discovered. However, before they could get out of the door good, something happen, Taylor heard a strange noise, then he turned around and saw human aliens in the restaurant eating a meal.

“Hey guys look!” Taylor said excitedly.

“Everyone here is an alien what should we do?” Marvin asked, his voice wavering.

“Probably nothing, it is their town; only thing we can do is get out of here!” Christopher said.

The guys could not believe they left their safe, secure, and normal surroundings for this. The strange creatures head is triangle shape; their eyes are as big as a baseball, no nose to be seemed and a very little mouth. Their bodies are very thin, and you cannot tell if it is male or female. One thing you can tell is they are hungry. They ate as if that would be their last meal. After seeing the aliens, Taylor went to find a bathroom, for he got sick just from looking at the aliens and found one there as he opened the bathroom door. When Taylor came out, he was an alien. Christopher and Marvin did not know what to do. They both ran out of the restaurant door and no one ever heard from them since.

Sometimes it does not pay to run all over the globe, go to a strange place you know nothing about, and expect everything to turn out honky dory. That is exactly what Taylor, Christopher, and Marvin did. If they would have took the time to  research the town Macon, Georgia, then they would have found out that aliens is the norm for that town.  They thought once they got to Macon, Georgia, it will be in disorder, but instead it did not turn to chaos until they got there. That is why it is best to gather all the information you can about a place before arriving. With a bit of luck everything will be normal.

Photo credit: http://www.pixabay.com


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