Down to Earth


After an endless morning of classes, I felt overwhelmed by the accounting lessons. It is not easy, oh no, not by a long shot. I am in the last few weeks of school and it seems to be getting harder by the minute. It is May7, 2011. I left school and wanted to do something different before heading to work in the next couple of hours. I decided to go to the city park. When I got there, almost immediately I felt a sense of liberation. There were several signs posted trails, and I took the one near the lake.

There was a light refreshing breeze and I could see the lush green tress swaying back and forth. I walked down the trail, and to my right there is a lake with white swans gliding around near the pink water lilies in the middle of the water. “How cute,” I thought. I strolled further down the trail and I saw picnic tables filled with people laughing, talking, and having a good time. The birds seem to be happy, because they were singing and chirping away. There were ducks wading in the water and pink lady slippers moving with the light gentle wind.

The trail that I took runs beside a big portion of shrubs and bushes. The wind is making the bushes flow from side to side exposing an opening, so I could see something is between the bushes. As I look closer, I pulled the branches apart to see what is in the bushes, then, out jumped a scared little rabbit. He ran as fast as he could to get away. I guess I frighten him. However, that was not my intention I only wanted to help.

I continued my saunter down the trail and on my left is a stream of water running briskly over the rocks and the sound of it is pleasing. Straight ahead, I saw the rabbit that I rescued out of the bushes. He was running and hoping along without a care in the world. His color is tan and white. I looked up and the skies were clear and a breathtaking blue. No one could ask for a better day. On my way back up the trail, I saw runners listening to their iPods’ and bikers enjoying the calmness of the park.

I looked around and saw a large sculpture of a pelican overlooking the water fountain that discharges thirty to forty feet in the air. What a glorious sight.

I came here to forget about school and its demands, and I did for a while, I think getting out and enjoying scenes in the park gave me a complete new outlook on life and simple things, the free things that we so often take for granted. Being here has rejuvenated me, and now I have a sense of thankfulness.

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