Unlikely Event

street-540701_640Terrence Blakely is a hardworking, generous man. He works as an attorney. Every morning just before dawn, he runs in the park close to where he lives. He enjoys the quietness, and the dampness from the fresh dew on the grass. The streetlights makes the grass sparkle. The singing and chattering from the birds began to bring new hope for the day.  On his way back from the park, he saw a man struggling with a woman.

Terrence heard the woman screaming, and he ran over to help her, but not in time to keep the stranger from snatching the necklace off her neck. Terrence took off running to stop him, but it was too late, the stranger was gone.

“Are you alright, ma am” ask Terrence.

“Sure I am, he scared me to death, though,” replied the woman.

“My name is Rebecca, thank you for helping.”

“I’m Terrence, nice to meet you,” replied Terrence.

Rebecca called the police to report what happen and Terrence hung around because he saw the whole thing happen. While waiting for the police to arrive, Terrence and Rebecca got acquainted with each other. Terrence wore a low haircut; he has brown eyes with a friendly smile. He is wearing a two-piece running suit with shoes to match. He is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 154 pounds. He has a pet parrot named Ditsy. Terrence loves to drink Dr. Pepper; it is his most favorite drink. When he walks his left knee pops.

Rebecca is a bank teller, she has blonde shoulder length hair with sapphire eyes, she has a warm smile and she is wearing a tan two-piece running suit with shoes to match. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 121 pounds. She has a kitten name Fluffy; he is black and has brown specks all over. Rebecca’s favorite drink is sweet tea. When she walks, her head bobs from side to side.

Rebecca told her story to the police and he said that since he was not caught, there is a good chance that he may show up again, so be on the lookout. After that, Terrence walked Rebecca home, and Rebecca promise to meet him at the park this evening before dark.

Terrence and Rebecca met at the park, they like sitting and talking together. There was a soft breeze in the air and the fragrance from the honeysuckle flowers was intoxicating. It makes one be so thankful to be alive. People were riding bicycles; children were skateboarding and having a great time. Then, Rebecca happen to look the other way, and saw the man who attack her.

“Terrence, there he is sitting on the stump,” said Rebecca excitedly.

“Rebecca, turn around so he can’t see you, I’m going to call the police.” Terrence said

Within minutes the police was there, they got the stranger and Rebecca press charges. She may not get her necklace back, but he will pay for taking it. Terrence and Rebecca met under unusual circumstances; she may have lost in the process, but she gain a lot more, a relationship with a good man.


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