The man whistled so joyfully you would never think he got rid of his wife. Henry Walls walked along the downtown streets as if he has no care in the world. He whack his wife, and he felt very liberated. Now he will never know the joy of having a family.

An aid for the senses, bright green trees, canopy and old-fashioned cobblestone streets bring back memories of time gone by. The marvelous structural design of the buildings are endless attractions. The beauty and charm of this beloved costal city will always stand out. With azaleas blooming now, there is more to look forward to when they continue to bloom in the summer. Festivals will be coming soon and the city will come to life with vibrant colors.

Henry is a restless, irritable 46 year-old man. He is a computer Operator. He has auburn hair with brown eyes. His smile is more like a smirk. He wears a suit and tie to work every day and shoes to match. Today, he is dress in a grey suit, light pink shirt and a burgundy tie. His shoes are black. Henry walks with a limp. He had an accident when he was in the navy. His dog name is Spot. He and his wife live in a two-story house on the corner of Rockwood and Vine. His favorite drink is beer, and he drinks a lot of it.

Tamara Walls is a 32-year-old, wife of Henry Walls. They have been married for twelve years. She is patient and kind. She works in advertising and marketing. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 121 pounds. Her hair is blonde and she has blue eyes with a welcoming smile. Her pantsuit is a soft yellow; shirt is white with tan shoes. When she is worried about something, she always grinds her teeth together, and she loves to eat seafood dinners.

For the last few weeks, Henry has been coming home late. Tamara gets worried when he don’t call. She prepared dinner like always and still no call no show. When he showed up three hours later, that upset her.

“It would have been nice if you called,” said Tamara.

“Sorry, another one of those nights,” Henry said looking down toward the floor.

“Dinner is in the oven, I’m going to bed,” Tamara said in an angry voice.

Tamara is so upset with Henry; she went straight to bed without a word. She wanted to tell him the good news about her pregnancy, but after this occurrence, she decided not to. Morning came and Henry was preparing breakfast. Tamara came down but only for some orange juice. She wondered if Henry would be happy about the baby, they agreed to wait a while before having children, but it happen, even with the birth control. Maybe he will be more happy than thoughtless when I tell him the news.

Henry came home on time this evening, he was in a great mood and they both went out to dinner. About half way down the road, Tamara felt sick, so they turned around and went back home. Tamara couldn’t make it to the bathroom, she got sick before she made it to the front door.

“Henry I may as well tell you, I’m pregnant,” said Tamara nervously.

“What?” Henry yelled with disgust.

Henry started slapping Tamara around , he hit her several times, the last time he slapped her around she hit her head on the sharp end of the coffee table. Blood is pouring out of her head. Tamara didn’t move nor did she say anything. Henry panic. He didn’t call for help. He ran down to the cellar, and then he ran back upstairs. He dragged Tamara’s limp, lifeless body down to the cellar. There was a trail of blood from the living room to the cellar.

“Oh what have I done?” Henry thought as he tried to think what to do with Tamara’s body.

He search franticly around the cellar to find a place to hide her. Then, he saw a large container in the corner. He grabbed at it several times. Finally, he got it loose.

“This is it,” he thought with a sick happy look on his face.

He pulled and pulled Tamara’s body, then with one hoist, pick her up and drop her in the container. He sealed it up and that was the end of Tamara. Henry rushed back upstairs to clean the bloody mess. Tamara did not deserve what he did to her. It’s been three years since Henry put his wife in that container. He still lives in that house. He lied to family members and said that Tamara left him because he was unfaithful.

Tamara’s family members are suspicious because she has not been in touch with them for three years. They called Henry to let him know that they have hired a private detective to see if our sister is all right. Henry did not know how to take that news; he pretended to be fine with it. However, once he hung the phone up, he got nervous.

Henry paced back and forth worried he may be found out. Yet again, Henry panic. He wrote a note explaining what happen to Tamara and left it so whoever comes to the house they will see it and find her. Henry got in his car, and drove to a gun shop, bought a pistol. He then drove to an out of the way place and shot himself in the head. Now there is no more Henry.

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One thought on “Finished

  1. You have a very wonderful gift, your words flow with a perfect rhythm and they kept my attention to the very end. I know I am going to be delighted reading what you share…there is a radiance within your words, their spirits shine brightly. Have a wonderful and amazing week ahead my sister! God bless!


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