The Chair


Carol saw something move out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head to see what it was.  An empty chair was sitting right across from her. Its seat and back was a light shade that faded with time. Now, it is brown as a well-worn saddle. One of the arms on the chair was bent a little from wear and tear. When Carol looked toward the chair, it was as if it wanted to attack her.

The chairs life involved, strangers day in and day out sitting on it. It served as Charge of Affairs for over thirty years and in all that time, its cushions had not been change. Before Carol bought it, the chair was stored in an attic surrounded by different personalities.

She remember buying the chair at a used furniture store a few years ago, and her intention was to redo it, but have not gotten around to it yet. It was used a lot at meetings and events. Many friends that visit enjoyed sitting in the chair and say it is most comfortable. She was thinking about maybe giving it away because she still do not have the time or the money to have it redone.

Carol turned her thoughts back to listening to her favorite music on her iPod, and thumbing through some old pictures of her family when they were living in Bangkok. She misses her family dearly and is determined to visit soon. Carol got up to see what the loud noise was outside; it was a big truck going down the road. When she looked around, the chair had rotated. Its back was to her.

Carol’s mouth flew open. Her eyes got larger. Was the chair always sitting in reverse or did she imagine it.  “Am I seeing things, surely this chair was facing me!” Carol thought to herself. She shrugged her shoulders. Carol did not know. Her music sounds so good, and the picture album flooded her mind with memories.

Carol went back to what she was doing, as the sound from her clothes dryer hummed slowly but surely. She got up from the sofa to check on the clothes, and stared angrily. The chair had overturned; it was lying on its side. She did not pay it any attention.

Carol continue to go and check the dryer. When she returned, the chair had moved closer to the sofa where she was sitting, with its back to her. She grabbed her iPod and photo album and jumped on top up the solid wood dining table. “This is getting stranger by the minute,” she thought to herself. She panic, and could not breathe.

The chair hustled its way toward the table where Carol was, and started jolting and jerking it until Carol fell off.  She got up and ran down the hallway. The chair hopped its way down after her. She made it to the laundry room, and slammed the door shut. Then, it hopped a few steps back and came charging into the door. The chair leaped in, knocking Carol down, and jumped on top of her keeping its horrifying grip on her until it could no longer see her chest rise and fall.

The chair ease its way off Carol and slowly move back down the hallway. When it made its way back to where it was originally positioned, it jumped for joy. After years and years of use and abuse, the chair was bought, but not cared for. The chair patiently waited its turn to be redone and it never happen. Now it is just it and the sofa. “She bought me, and left me in the same shape,” the chair thought to itself. “Well never again,” laying its feet upon the coffee table.

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Emma’s World


“Can’t you drive a little faster please, mum?” said Emma.

“I am going to be late for the talent show audition at this rate.”

“Not on this country lane young lady,” replied her mum firmly.

Then, to Emma’s terror, the car engine coughed, faltered and died.

“Oh no,” said Emma. “We are stranded miles from the town and the talent show audition and it starts in an hour.”Mum what are we going to do?”

“Hush up now girl, let me think,” mum said.

Emma and her mum live in a quaint little town known for the clusters of picturesque cottages situated on a country road overlooking the Koln River. The cottages are surrounded by fields and wooded areas. The landscape is breathtaking and strikingly beautiful. In addition, it is well maintained. Some adults sit on their porches in the afternoon drinking a cup of the famous Earl Grey tea, and enjoy the scenery.

Emma is a 17-year-old smart, creative young woman. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 110 pounds. She goes to Doberman High School, and graduates this spring. She wants to be a dance teacher when she finishes college. Emma could not decide whether to sing at the talent audition or dance. She revealed to her mum that she would love to do both.

“We are out of gas, “said mum.

“Oh no, do we have to walk and get gas,” Emma cried.

“Well hon. it’s either that or we just stand here and pray that someone comes by,” mum said.

Emma and her mum walked and walked. Then, a man and his wife pulled up and offered help to a nearby service station. Mum kindly accepted the ride and after a while, lots of traffic piled up, a bright red car blocked the intersection. Cars were honking and people were shouting.

“It looks like the car want start,” Mr. Stone said.

“I am going to be late for my talent show audition” Emma whined.

“Be patient hon. we’ll get there in time” said mum.

“Not at this pace,” Emma moaned.

Traffic started to move slowly in order to pass the stalled car. Finally, the driver got his dazzling red car to move and all was right with traffic again. It was yet another few miles to go before arriving at the gas station. Traffic was moving smoothly until a flock of chicken came our way, they were trying to cross the road. The chickens were line up almost a block long.

While waiting for the chickens to cross, they seem to be confused as to which way to go. The noise from the car engines frightened them and they scattered everywhere, so we patiently waited until the last chicken got by.

“What an interesting day hah,” said Mr. Stone.

“Yes it is,” mum replied.

“Oh thank you sir for that much needed lift,” said mum.

“We don’t know what we would have done without you Mr. Stone,” Emma said content now that she will be on her way to the talent show audition.

Ma’am do you need a way back to your car?” said Mr. Stone.

“Why yes sir if you don’t mind, you and your wife have been so kind,” said mum

Now they were finally headed to the talent show audition, Emma could hardly wait. It was 15 minutes before the show began, and Emma thought that she might dance in the show. However, when they arrived at the spot where they left the car, it was gone. Mum and Emma could not believe their eyes.

“Oh my gosh, what happen to our car?”  Mum and Emma asked in amazement.

“Why they must have tolled it,” said Emma.

“Mum you left it in the middle of the road,” cried Emma.

“Oh goodness, I sure did,” mum said.

Emma was outdone. Now she want get a chance to participate in the talent show audition. She so wanted to involve herself in the activities. Mr. Stone saw how upset she was so he offered to take them to the talent show audition.

“Oh thank you, thank you Mr. Stone, you don’t know how much this means to me,” said Emma graciously.

“You are very welcome Emma, and knock them dead,” replied Mr. Stone.

Emma and her mum hopped back into Mr. Stone’s car, thankful that he cared enough to make sure we got where we needed to go. The only thing she wants right now at this very minute is to make sure her Emma is happy. And when you get right down to it, that is what really matters.

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The Special Knights


Everything she wore was white. She had even managed to get white earrings. She is not getting, married everyone knew that. To dress completely in white meant something, but what. Carla Russo lives in a charming town in the Moonie Mountains. It is famous for its mighty medieval castle. When anyone visits, it is required to taste an assortment of salamis, sausage, preserves and chocolates.

There is a variety of festivals and cultural events going on this time of the year. In fact, something is going on all through the year. Carla and her long time boyfriend Milton, are going to attend the carnival, it is a famous part of their culture. The floats are large and decorative, and the booths line the city streets. During the carnival, fireworks and food are everywhere.

Carla is a 30-year-old trustworthy, intelligent person. She works as a bank manager, and she loves her job. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 132 pounds. Her hair is sandy and she has dark brown eyes. When she smiles, it makes her even more attractive. She loves green tea. When she walks her head bobs up and down. She has a pet Shih Tzu. He is so cute, and his name is Rocky. He loves to sit in her lap and cuddle.

Milton is an understanding, generous man. He loves Carla very much and hope she will say yes to his marriage proposal. He stands 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 140 pounds. His hair is black and he has dark eyes. He has a warm smile and when he laugh, there is this quirky sound afterwards. Milton and Carla has some decisions to make about what to wear to the carnival.

Milton will dress up as a black knight, meaning powerful and responsibility and Carla will dress as a white knight, meaning pure, wholesome and real. On the way to the festivities, traffic was hectic. We were driving bumper to bumper and suddenly the driver behind us got impatient, and drove us off the road, and we landed in a low ditch. Thank heavens some people saw us and helped.

When we got to the festival, it was pack full of people. There was a traffic light up ahead, a line of cars were waiting. Then, out of nowhere two guys open our car door and pointed a gun at us, it was wrap up in a piece of cloth. They demanded my purse and Milton’s wallet. When they got our possessions, they took off in a flash.

Milton and Carla could not believe what happened. They had been robbed. Carla was in tears. Milton tried to comfort her, but it did not seem to help. They helped each other to calm down a bit, because they had to report what happen.

“There want be any festival today,” said Milton with his teeth grinding together.

“I know,” Carla said reluctantly.

Milton turned the car around and headed for the police station. There is a lot of paperwork that will have to be filled out, and calls to the credit card companies. That would take several hours to finish. Milton eyes were narrowing as if to concentrate on something specific and Carla’s face turn red.

As they walked hand in hand to the police station, the scent of sweet pea flowers filled the air with a delicate and enticing fragrance. Carla pulled a piece of crumpled and torn paper from her pocket; it is all that remains after the robbery. Carla open it up, a breakfast receipt from McDonalds. Even though Milton and Carla lost their most valuable possessions, they still have each other now and forever more.

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house-435618_640 - Copy

Edward Wonder drove off to work this morning just as he always does. It was pouring; the traffic was terrible, thunder erupt from the gray skies, like the roar of many lions. Edward runs a dry cleaning service not too far from where he lives. When he returned home that evening, there was a shovel leaning against his house, it had not been there before.

Beautiful tree-lined streets and private homes set the tone for many visitors. The parks and gardens are lovely. Edward is a reserved and secretive man who minds his own business.  His hair is sandy and he has a suspicious smile. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 159 pounds. When he smiles, there is a gap between his two front teeth.

Recently, Edward got a new neighbor, her name is Colleen Backus and her daughter Gayle moved in the vacate house next door. Colleen is an advertising agent and works at home. She is a friendly and courageous person. She has dark hair with blue eyes and a gracious smile. Gayle will be off to college soon. She has light brown shoulder length hair with brown eyes and a pleasant smile.

After a restful night, Colleen waken and made coffee. She loves her new home, she walked around admiring some of the features and as she stroll about the house, something grabbed her attention. She looked out the window again and saw what might be a window with bars on it in the basement. She took her coffee, went outside, and starred at her neighbor’s house.

She looked around the neighborhood to see if anyone is out. Then, she sauntered over to get a closer look at the bared window. The window had bars on the inside of the basement and a curtain hung over the bars. Then, she saw something move. She jumped back, looked around the yard to see if there was something, she could use to pry the window open, and all she saw was a shovel. She snatched the shovel. As she was trying to pry open the window, she saw something move again. Then she ran in her house to call the police.

The police came and Colleen told the officer what she saw, and the officer called the owner of the house so they could search. When Edward got home, he was shocked that his own neighbor would go snooping about on his property. Edward let the police in to look around and they found nothing. He is tempted to press charges against Colleen. Edward gave Colleen a filthy look. She apologize to Edward for letting her nosiness get the best of her.

Colleen kept insisting to herself that there is someone in that basement. She sat around sipping her coffee and waiting for Edward to leave for work. Edward left and Colleen swears she is going to get in that house and find out who or what is in that basement. She went in the side window of the house it was unlocked. She climbed in and shut it back so to look normal.

Colleen carefully looked around the house, and did not see anything until a small door right off the kitchen caught her eye. She slowly open up the squeaky door, and then she poke her head in a little ways, and still could not see anything. Therefore, she went further down the old wooden, stairs; saw a string hanging from the ceiling that could be a light. She pulled on the string and there was light.

Colleen saw a woman, her hands were tied up and so were her feet. There were dirty dishes, candy wrappers and empty soda bottles all over the basement. In addition, she saw a bunk bed with pillows and blankets. The woman must have been sleeping down here. The owner must have her hostage. Colleen quickly grabbed her phone to take pictures of the situation. She got nervous, because she was in the house for a long time.

She did not know what to do. Therefore, she walked out the way she came and ran back to her house. Once inside she took a deep breath and before she could sit down and figure out what to do next, someone knock on the door.

“Who is it please?” asked Colleen.

There was no response. Colleen got scared. She heard loud thumping, and more thumping. Someone was trying to kick the door in. She call the police, no one seem to answer. The thumping kept coming. Finally, he was in the house. Mr. Wonder must have decided to come back home for some reason or another.

“You are still snooping around my house hah,” asked Mr. Edward.

“Oh no, you got it all

Colleen did not finish her sentence; he wrapped his hands around her throat, and choked her to death. Police sirens were going off, you can hear them in the distance. Mr. Edwards ran out Colleen’s back door and hide there under a shed in her back yard until police left.

Whatever Edward Wonder had going on in his house no one will ever know. He waited until dark before he left Colleen’s back yard. He went home, everything was quite outside and it is now business as usual. Colleen took it upon herself to snoop around in her neighbor’s yard and eventually his house. Edward was very angry about that, and as a result, Colleen lost her life.

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Turning Point


The station door is torn away by its hinges, and the windows were smashed. She looked around desperately then, turned back running in the direction from where she came.  She is so flustered, she ran into a dense thorny shrub, which grew white flowers that look like roses. The shrubbery reaches a height of twenty feet, and the flowers are planted around the hedges. There is a group of tall trees, and there is a name signed at the bottom.  A pleasant rose garden is on the northeast side and it has an abundance of seating.

Clover Patterson is a 28-year-old independent, trusting person. She has long brunette hair with blonde highlights in the front. Her eyes are brown and she has a kind smile. She is wearing knee length blue jean pants and a light pink long-sleeved tee shirt with socks and tennis shoes. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 123 pounds. She has a chow dog and her name is Blondie. Clover likes fish and chips for lunch, and she loves diet coke.

Clover did not stop running until she made it back home. She yelled out for her father, but he did not hear because he is at the back of the house tending to his gardening. Mr. Patterson is a distinguish man. He has salt and pepper hair, brown eyes with a pleasant smile. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 136 pounds. He wears navy blue coveralls and black work shoes.

Clover and her father Thomas, live in a brick three-bedroom townhouse. He spends a lot of time in the courtyard. It is surrounded by a variety of flowers and bushes.

“Dad, something has happen!” Clover said trying to catch her breath.

“Slow down sweetheart, what’s the problem?” her father asked.

“Someone has broken into the service station, the door is torn off and the windows are broken.” Clover said.

“We must call the police, and head back over there,” replied her father.

Thomas owns the service station; he and Clover has been running it forever. He lost his wife to breast cancer a few years ago. The name of his service station is Lumet. Clover and her father arrived at the service station. It looks like someone kicked the door in, but why break the windows? Whoever it was, they damage the place badly.

“I do not know of anyone who would do a thing like this,” Mr. Patterson said.

The police arrived and came into the service station to look at the damage place. They stole several sets of tires, many cans of oil, and the very first dollar bill Mr. Patterson made. Glass was scattered at every turn. The cash register was torn off the counter and thrown against the wall. Luckily, the money was taken out the night before.

We walked to the back of the service station, and there a woman, lying on the floor unconscious, and bleeding from her left hand. It look like her thumb may is cut off. She had a big lump on the right side of her head. The officer immediately called an ambulance for this woman.

“What ever happen here, they hurt one of their own,” the officer said shaking his head.

Dad is sadden, all the years of building up his business, only for it to be ruin in one night. What a blessing mom is not here to see this. Help came for the injured woman. Maybe she could tell what happen when she regains consciousness.

Clover and her dad walked out of Lumet for the last time. Lumet was a part of their lives for as long as they could remember. She did not bother to ask him if he wanted to reopen, the worn out, exhausted look on his face said it all.

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