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Edward Wonder drove off to work this morning just as he always does. It was pouring; the traffic was terrible, thunder erupt from the gray skies, like the roar of many lions. Edward runs a dry cleaning service not too far from where he lives. When he returned home that evening, there was a shovel leaning against his house, it had not been there before.

Beautiful tree-lined streets and private homes set the tone for many visitors. The parks and gardens are lovely. Edward is a reserved and secretive man who minds his own business.  His hair is sandy and he has a suspicious smile. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 159 pounds. When he smiles, there is a gap between his two front teeth.

Recently, Edward got a new neighbor, her name is Colleen Backus and her daughter Gayle moved in the vacate house next door. Colleen is an advertising agent and works at home. She is a friendly and courageous person. She has dark hair with blue eyes and a gracious smile. Gayle will be off to college soon. She has light brown shoulder length hair with brown eyes and a pleasant smile.

After a restful night, Colleen waken and made coffee. She loves her new home, she walked around admiring some of the features and as she stroll about the house, something grabbed her attention. She looked out the window again and saw what might be a window with bars on it in the basement. She took her coffee, went outside, and starred at her neighbor’s house.

She looked around the neighborhood to see if anyone is out. Then, she sauntered over to get a closer look at the bared window. The window had bars on the inside of the basement and a curtain hung over the bars. Then, she saw something move. She jumped back, looked around the yard to see if there was something, she could use to pry the window open, and all she saw was a shovel. She snatched the shovel. As she was trying to pry open the window, she saw something move again. Then she ran in her house to call the police.

The police came and Colleen told the officer what she saw, and the officer called the owner of the house so they could search. When Edward got home, he was shocked that his own neighbor would go snooping about on his property. Edward let the police in to look around and they found nothing. He is tempted to press charges against Colleen. Edward gave Colleen a filthy look. She apologize to Edward for letting her nosiness get the best of her.

Colleen kept insisting to herself that there is someone in that basement. She sat around sipping her coffee and waiting for Edward to leave for work. Edward left and Colleen swears she is going to get in that house and find out who or what is in that basement. She went in the side window of the house it was unlocked. She climbed in and shut it back so to look normal.

Colleen carefully looked around the house, and did not see anything until a small door right off the kitchen caught her eye. She slowly open up the squeaky door, and then she poke her head in a little ways, and still could not see anything. Therefore, she went further down the old wooden, stairs; saw a string hanging from the ceiling that could be a light. She pulled on the string and there was light.

Colleen saw a woman, her hands were tied up and so were her feet. There were dirty dishes, candy wrappers and empty soda bottles all over the basement. In addition, she saw a bunk bed with pillows and blankets. The woman must have been sleeping down here. The owner must have her hostage. Colleen quickly grabbed her phone to take pictures of the situation. She got nervous, because she was in the house for a long time.

She did not know what to do. Therefore, she walked out the way she came and ran back to her house. Once inside she took a deep breath and before she could sit down and figure out what to do next, someone knock on the door.

“Who is it please?” asked Colleen.

There was no response. Colleen got scared. She heard loud thumping, and more thumping. Someone was trying to kick the door in. She call the police, no one seem to answer. The thumping kept coming. Finally, he was in the house. Mr. Wonder must have decided to come back home for some reason or another.

“You are still snooping around my house hah,” asked Mr. Edward.

“Oh no, you got it all

Colleen did not finish her sentence; he wrapped his hands around her throat, and choked her to death. Police sirens were going off, you can hear them in the distance. Mr. Edwards ran out Colleen’s back door and hide there under a shed in her back yard until police left.

Whatever Edward Wonder had going on in his house no one will ever know. He waited until dark before he left Colleen’s back yard. He went home, everything was quite outside and it is now business as usual. Colleen took it upon herself to snoop around in her neighbor’s yard and eventually his house. Edward was very angry about that, and as a result, Colleen lost her life.

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