The Special Knights


Everything she wore was white. She had even managed to get white earrings. She is not getting, married everyone knew that. To dress completely in white meant something, but what. Carla Russo lives in a charming town in the Moonie Mountains. It is famous for its mighty medieval castle. When anyone visits, it is required to taste an assortment of salamis, sausage, preserves and chocolates.

There is a variety of festivals and cultural events going on this time of the year. In fact, something is going on all through the year. Carla and her long time boyfriend Milton, are going to attend the carnival, it is a famous part of their culture. The floats are large and decorative, and the booths line the city streets. During the carnival, fireworks and food are everywhere.

Carla is a 30-year-old trustworthy, intelligent person. She works as a bank manager, and she loves her job. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 132 pounds. Her hair is sandy and she has dark brown eyes. When she smiles, it makes her even more attractive. She loves green tea. When she walks her head bobs up and down. She has a pet Shih Tzu. He is so cute, and his name is Rocky. He loves to sit in her lap and cuddle.

Milton is an understanding, generous man. He loves Carla very much and hope she will say yes to his marriage proposal. He stands 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 140 pounds. His hair is black and he has dark eyes. He has a warm smile and when he laugh, there is this quirky sound afterwards. Milton and Carla has some decisions to make about what to wear to the carnival.

Milton will dress up as a black knight, meaning powerful and responsibility and Carla will dress as a white knight, meaning pure, wholesome and real. On the way to the festivities, traffic was hectic. We were driving bumper to bumper and suddenly the driver behind us got impatient, and drove us off the road, and we landed in a low ditch. Thank heavens some people saw us and helped.

When we got to the festival, it was pack full of people. There was a traffic light up ahead, a line of cars were waiting. Then, out of nowhere two guys open our car door and pointed a gun at us, it was wrap up in a piece of cloth. They demanded my purse and Milton’s wallet. When they got our possessions, they took off in a flash.

Milton and Carla could not believe what happened. They had been robbed. Carla was in tears. Milton tried to comfort her, but it did not seem to help. They helped each other to calm down a bit, because they had to report what happen.

“There want be any festival today,” said Milton with his teeth grinding together.

“I know,” Carla said reluctantly.

Milton turned the car around and headed for the police station. There is a lot of paperwork that will have to be filled out, and calls to the credit card companies. That would take several hours to finish. Milton eyes were narrowing as if to concentrate on something specific and Carla’s face turn red.

As they walked hand in hand to the police station, the scent of sweet pea flowers filled the air with a delicate and enticing fragrance. Carla pulled a piece of crumpled and torn paper from her pocket; it is all that remains after the robbery. Carla open it up, a breakfast receipt from McDonalds. Even though Milton and Carla lost their most valuable possessions, they still have each other now and forever more.

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2 thoughts on “The Special Knights

  1. You know you could put them together in a book of short stories! or take a few of them and combined them into a group of individuals in the same story…they are good character studies. It can be like the movie ‘Crash’, where the stories were interwoven together. When I read them its like I am an unseen observer or angel, becoming a part of their lives. Any way you are so very gifted…i know you will be so very successful…you are a true bearer of tales and stories! This is another gem! Thanks for always embracing my poetry…it never goes unnoticed! Hugs and blessings!


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