Emma’s World


“Can’t you drive a little faster please, mum?” said Emma.

“I am going to be late for the talent show audition at this rate.”

“Not on this country lane young lady,” replied her mum firmly.

Then, to Emma’s terror, the car engine coughed, faltered and died.

“Oh no,” said Emma. “We are stranded miles from the town and the talent show audition and it starts in an hour.”Mum what are we going to do?”

“Hush up now girl, let me think,” mum said.

Emma and her mum live in a quaint little town known for the clusters of picturesque cottages situated on a country road overlooking the Koln River. The cottages are surrounded by fields and wooded areas. The landscape is breathtaking and strikingly beautiful. In addition, it is well maintained. Some adults sit on their porches in the afternoon drinking a cup of the famous Earl Grey tea, and enjoy the scenery.

Emma is a 17-year-old smart, creative young woman. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 110 pounds. She goes to Doberman High School, and graduates this spring. She wants to be a dance teacher when she finishes college. Emma could not decide whether to sing at the talent audition or dance. She revealed to her mum that she would love to do both.

“We are out of gas, “said mum.

“Oh no, do we have to walk and get gas,” Emma cried.

“Well hon. it’s either that or we just stand here and pray that someone comes by,” mum said.

Emma and her mum walked and walked. Then, a man and his wife pulled up and offered help to a nearby service station. Mum kindly accepted the ride and after a while, lots of traffic piled up, a bright red car blocked the intersection. Cars were honking and people were shouting.

“It looks like the car want start,” Mr. Stone said.

“I am going to be late for my talent show audition” Emma whined.

“Be patient hon. we’ll get there in time” said mum.

“Not at this pace,” Emma moaned.

Traffic started to move slowly in order to pass the stalled car. Finally, the driver got his dazzling red car to move and all was right with traffic again. It was yet another few miles to go before arriving at the gas station. Traffic was moving smoothly until a flock of chicken came our way, they were trying to cross the road. The chickens were line up almost a block long.

While waiting for the chickens to cross, they seem to be confused as to which way to go. The noise from the car engines frightened them and they scattered everywhere, so we patiently waited until the last chicken got by.

“What an interesting day hah,” said Mr. Stone.

“Yes it is,” mum replied.

“Oh thank you sir for that much needed lift,” said mum.

“We don’t know what we would have done without you Mr. Stone,” Emma said content now that she will be on her way to the talent show audition.

Ma’am do you need a way back to your car?” said Mr. Stone.

“Why yes sir if you don’t mind, you and your wife have been so kind,” said mum

Now they were finally headed to the talent show audition, Emma could hardly wait. It was 15 minutes before the show began, and Emma thought that she might dance in the show. However, when they arrived at the spot where they left the car, it was gone. Mum and Emma could not believe their eyes.

“Oh my gosh, what happen to our car?”  Mum and Emma asked in amazement.

“Why they must have tolled it,” said Emma.

“Mum you left it in the middle of the road,” cried Emma.

“Oh goodness, I sure did,” mum said.

Emma was outdone. Now she want get a chance to participate in the talent show audition. She so wanted to involve herself in the activities. Mr. Stone saw how upset she was so he offered to take them to the talent show audition.

“Oh thank you, thank you Mr. Stone, you don’t know how much this means to me,” said Emma graciously.

“You are very welcome Emma, and knock them dead,” replied Mr. Stone.

Emma and her mum hopped back into Mr. Stone’s car, thankful that he cared enough to make sure we got where we needed to go. The only thing she wants right now at this very minute is to make sure her Emma is happy. And when you get right down to it, that is what really matters.

Photo credit: http://www.pixabay.com


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