The Chair


Carol saw something move out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head to see what it was.  An empty chair was sitting right across from her. Its seat and back was a light shade that faded with time. Now, it is brown as a well-worn saddle. One of the arms on the chair was bent a little from wear and tear. When Carol looked toward the chair, it was as if it wanted to attack her.

The chairs life involved, strangers day in and day out sitting on it. It served as Charge of Affairs for over thirty years and in all that time, its cushions had not been change. Before Carol bought it, the chair was stored in an attic surrounded by different personalities.

She remember buying the chair at a used furniture store a few years ago, and her intention was to redo it, but have not gotten around to it yet. It was used a lot at meetings and events. Many friends that visit enjoyed sitting in the chair and say it is most comfortable. She was thinking about maybe giving it away because she still do not have the time or the money to have it redone.

Carol turned her thoughts back to listening to her favorite music on her iPod, and thumbing through some old pictures of her family when they were living in Bangkok. She misses her family dearly and is determined to visit soon. Carol got up to see what the loud noise was outside; it was a big truck going down the road. When she looked around, the chair had rotated. Its back was to her.

Carol’s mouth flew open. Her eyes got larger. Was the chair always sitting in reverse or did she imagine it.  “Am I seeing things, surely this chair was facing me!” Carol thought to herself. She shrugged her shoulders. Carol did not know. Her music sounds so good, and the picture album flooded her mind with memories.

Carol went back to what she was doing, as the sound from her clothes dryer hummed slowly but surely. She got up from the sofa to check on the clothes, and stared angrily. The chair had overturned; it was lying on its side. She did not pay it any attention.

Carol continue to go and check the dryer. When she returned, the chair had moved closer to the sofa where she was sitting, with its back to her. She grabbed her iPod and photo album and jumped on top up the solid wood dining table. “This is getting stranger by the minute,” she thought to herself. She panic, and could not breathe.

The chair hustled its way toward the table where Carol was, and started jolting and jerking it until Carol fell off.  She got up and ran down the hallway. The chair hopped its way down after her. She made it to the laundry room, and slammed the door shut. Then, it hopped a few steps back and came charging into the door. The chair leaped in, knocking Carol down, and jumped on top of her keeping its horrifying grip on her until it could no longer see her chest rise and fall.

The chair ease its way off Carol and slowly move back down the hallway. When it made its way back to where it was originally positioned, it jumped for joy. After years and years of use and abuse, the chair was bought, but not cared for. The chair patiently waited its turn to be redone and it never happen. Now it is just it and the sofa. “She bought me, and left me in the same shape,” the chair thought to itself. “Well never again,” laying its feet upon the coffee table.

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