Sofia’s View


Sofia’s husband is an alcoholic, but Sofia refuses to realize it. She thinks he is perfect, and does no wrong, but in reality, he is a boozer. The couple had a dinner party the night before, and Mark got drunk and violent.

Mark and Sofia have been married for eight years. They have two beautiful daughters, Jamie and Bethany. A short time ago, Mark started coming home late in the evening, and it seems he has been drinking a lot of alcohol. Usually, Mark would have a small glass of bourbon before retiring for the evening, now he drinks five or six glasses per evening.

Sofia does not believe her husband drinks too much.  She does not know how many drinks he splurged on before he came home. Sofia puts Mark on a pedestal. She thinks he is flawless, and she convinces herself of this, and everyone around her.

Recently, Mark and Sofia had a dinner party. There were several friends and family members there. The evening went smoothly at first, until Mark drank one too many. While he was talking, his words stuttered. Then, he tripped over his friend Charlie’s leg and fell down. “Thank God the girls are not here to see this.” Sofia thought to herself.

Toward the end of the evening, Mark excused himself, when he returned Charlie his friend was having a polite conversation with Sofia. Then, Mark staggered and wobbled over to where Sofia was and began to accuse her of flirting with his friend. He slapped Sofia, and she yelled at him. Everyone was taken aback by his actions.

After that, Sofia rubbed her reddish face, gave Mark the look, and continue with her conversation. She made excuses for him. However, Mark hardly ever except responsibility for himself. He takes the easy way out and blames others. This particular episode was because of stress on the job.

Sofia loves Mark so much; she would do anything to keep their marriage together. She denies that Mark has not been cruel and controlling or cause any harm. It is because of her denial, Mark will not take responsibility for what he has done. She glanced in Mark’s direction, and he was falling asleep on the sofa before the guest left.

The dinner party started to break up, mostly because of the stunk Mark pull. Sofia walked her guests to the front door, and Peggy offered her some much-needed advice. Nevertheless, she is still saying that Mark is under a lot of stress at work and he will be all right. Maybe something will happen to make Sofia see that Mark needs to get himself together and stop using alcohol as a crutch.

After the last guest left, Sofia cleaned up then, help Mark to bed. She has to understand that there is a difference in enjoying a drink and needing a drink. His drinking has become a problem, and Sofia has to realize that. If she does not, she is in for a rude awakening. She and her daughters deserve a lot better.

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Staring at the headstone, Anne held back a sob. A shiver ran down her spine. She was not sure if it was the cool autumn day, or the memory of what happened to her best friend.

Anne and Tara had planned to bike ride around the countryside when school was out for the summer. They could not wait to explore the old world historical city, where the building are made on the style of baroque. There are delicious foods, warm weather, and beautiful beaches. The streets are made of pure marble, so shiny one could see their reflection.

Tara and Anne booked a sea view room at the Excelsior hotel and everything was ready when they arrived. The service was great; it had two large bedrooms, a large living room and a huge bathroom. The terrace had a spectacular view of the old city. They unpacked and relaxed the rest of the afternoon. After which,  Anne and Tara went out on the town.

That night, they went to a club where beer and cocktails were served. They listen to music and danced most of the night. Tara had a little too much to drink, so Anne suggested that they return home. Next morning, both girls got up early to see the sights, so they rented a couple of bicycles. Soon they were off on their journey. The views were amazing.

Anne and Tara started their journey; to the right of them the mountains have towering, thin cypress trees; and to the left, one could see a clear picture of this breathtaking city. They cycled along the coast and islands, making their way around to the capital of the city. Then, they stopped at a refreshment stand not too far from the islands. There were two nice looking men getting a drink and chatting.

Meanwhile, Tara and Anne introduce themselves. They seem like nice people, and they were cycling too. Tate and Lambert were their names. They are in their early thirties and of average height and weight. Anne and Tara talked to the guys a while before they took off on their bikes again. They decided to ride together, but Tara and Lambert lagged back. They look as if they were smitten with each other.

Anne and Tate cycled ahead hoping Tara and Lambert will soon catch up. However, Tara and Lambert never did catch up since they went another way. Lambert talked Tara into going off the trail. She had second thoughts, but detoured anyway. Tara and Lambert ended up at an old abandon building that was built in the old days.

Lambert was very nice to Tara, until they went inside the building, then he got very hostile and rough. He started kissing on Tara, she resisted him, and that made him angry. He tried to kiss her again and she slap him in the face. By this time, Anne and Tate were worried about their friends. They did not ride any further, until they heard from them.

Anne called Tara’s cell phone, but did not get an answer. She was very worried. Then, Tate call his friend Lambert and he answered the phone and swears everything was all right, and that he and Tara are on their way. Moments after Lambert finished talking to Tate, he apologize to Tara and they both left the abandon building and made their way back to where their friends were.

On their way back, Lambert tried to force his attentions on Tara again,   however, she was not interested and rode up ahead of him, as Tara was still angry with him for the way he acted before. Then, Lambert was further behind Tara. It seems as if Lambert cannot control himself when it comes to Tara.

The countryside is covered with two-lane roads, and quiet views, one has to watch out for traffic because cars zoom by so quickly. Tara and Lambert caught up with Anne and Tate. They thought there was enough excitement for one day, so Tara and Anne decided to go back to the hotel and try it again tomorrow.

Just as they started, back to the hotel a large truck came whizzing by and hit Tara from behind. She flew up in the air, hit the ground, and died from her injuries. Everyone was in shock. Anne was hysterical. Tate and Lambert tried to calm her, but to no avail. Anne blames herself for Tara’s death. She thinks if they would have kept going to enjoy the sites, then maybe Tara might still be alive.

Months later, life became a little more bearable for Anne. She realized life is unpredictable, and there was nothing she could do, to stop what happened to Tara. All she knows is that it had been worth it to know her. At least that is something.

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Mariette listened to the rain pouring softly on the tin roof, and lifted her head a little toward the ceiling. She glanced at the clock and heard something shuffling.

A scarf was hanging evenly on the hall tree right across from her. It is long, and broad. The color is faded blue silk, with pink and yellow flowers. It was as if the scarf was beckoning her. She got it as a gift a few years ago and did not particularly like the color; however, she accepted it graciously.  Mariette has been wearing it to hide and old wound on her neck. Since then the scarf had been use as a headband, shawl, and a cover for a bureau.

“Maybe I should give it away,” Mariette thought as she continue to enjoy the rain. She went back to watching her favorite movie, “The Life and Times of Giblet Gravy,” thinking how mystifying the human mind is when it comes to food. When she look across the hallway at the clock, the scarf had moved to the floor.

Mariette eyes flashed. “What in the world, did a wind come through and blow that scarf on the floor, or did I assume it was hanging on the hall tree?” Mariette thought to herself. She did not know, because the movie about giblet gravy was in fact very amusing. She went back to watching the movie, as the rain was pouring constantly.

Mariette stop to answer her phone and she glared. The scarf was at her feet. She disregarded it. There was no one on the other end of the phone. The rain continued to pour. The scarf had moved to her leg. She jumped up on the sofa and closed her legs under her on the sofa. This is creepy; then, she jumped off the sofa over the ghastly scarf, and headed for the stairs. It felt like her heart was in her mouth. The scarf swooped.

The scarf wrapped itself around Mariette’s waist and tried to squeeze the life out of her. It’s frightening hold scared her almost into a heart attack. Mariette fainted. It slowly turned her loose from its clinch and it glided itself back down the stairs. The scarf entered the now vacant living area and leaped upon the sofa, and at long last, the scarf is stress-free or so he thought.

“Do you think you can use me as a headband, a shawl, and a cover for your bureau without any respect at all?” The scarf thought to itself. “Not in this lifetime sweetie.”

Mariette was out for at least an hour. She lifted herself off the floor and she felt like a ton of bricks hit her. Mariette quietly walked down the stairs and saw the scarf lying on the sofa, with no worries. She ran over and grabbed the scarf, twisted it in knots and threw it in the fireplace. She could hear it moaning and groaning, begging her to take it out of the fire. Mariette insisted, “I am queen of this castle!” It was tranquil again. She whirled around in delight.

David’s Penalty


David stepped on one of the balls of paper that was lying on the floor. The paper made a swishing sound. He looked down, took his feet off the paper and it slid itself from under his foot. There were several balls of paper on the floor, where David played “hit the wastebasket.” They were scattered everywhere.

Normally, David would not throw old articles, newspapers or notes in the trash, but this morning, he felt unproductive, and the paper on the floor was not as important as the project he was working on. His assignment was to write about “The Existence of a Door Knob.”  “It has been one of those mornings,” David thought to himself.

The balls of papers were use to being held and read. They even like to be put aside on a table, maybe a counter from time to time, but to be thrown on the floor like it is covered in fleas is unforgiveable. It is bad enough when the trash can is full, the balls of paper will be put into a stuffy, stifling storage bin, where it spend days waiting for a recycling truck to haul it off. Then, it becomes another entity. The balls of paper are beside themselves.

David got another cup of coffee and decided to try it again with his project. Before he sat down at the computer, he glanced across the room, and the balls of paper had transformed into a shape of a human eye. It was blue as shimmering steel. He looked at the form slightly, felt troubled and went back to work. It was as if the eye was stalking him.

David was typing away at his computer when he heard a noise, he turned to see what it was and the balls of paper changed themselves into a message. They lay across the soft brown carpet whispering and moving about, stirring, and shifting to make sure they were heard. The balls of paper tried to yell however, it all came out as a murmur.  “You will be sorry.”

David bat his eyes in disbelief.”This can’t be real; I must be tired, maybe I need to rest from the computer.” David thought to himself.  He continued to do his work, shaking his head in doubt. After a while, David went to his room for a well-deserved nap. Then, he awake out of his sleep to something weighing down on his arm; it felt fleshy, and cold like chicken feet.

The balls of paper transformed into an enormous, grayest slinky, slimy, worm. When David realize what it was, he jumped out of the bed in dismay, and ran toward the bathroom, his heart pounding loudly, and his legs seem to be getting heavier and heavier. David tripped on a rug and his breathing ceased.

The balls of paper are overcome with joy, about David’s demise. “Victory, victory is mind,” said the balls of paper. They rolled themselves across the floor, and one by one jump upon the huge desk and unballed. There they lay, all stretch out now and forever more.

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