Sofia’s View


Sofia’s husband is an alcoholic, but Sofia refuses to realize it. She thinks he is perfect, and does no wrong, but in reality, he is a boozer. The couple had a dinner party the night before, and Mark got drunk and violent.

Mark and Sofia have been married for eight years. They have two beautiful daughters, Jamie and Bethany. A short time ago, Mark started coming home late in the evening, and it seems he has been drinking a lot of alcohol. Usually, Mark would have a small glass of bourbon before retiring for the evening, now he drinks five or six glasses per evening.

Sofia does not believe her husband drinks too much.  She does not know how many drinks he splurged on before he came home. Sofia puts Mark on a pedestal. She thinks he is flawless, and she convinces herself of this, and everyone around her.

Recently, Mark and Sofia had a dinner party. There were several friends and family members there. The evening went smoothly at first, until Mark drank one too many. While he was talking, his words stuttered. Then, he tripped over his friend Charlie’s leg and fell down. “Thank God the girls are not here to see this.” Sofia thought to herself.

Toward the end of the evening, Mark excused himself, when he returned Charlie his friend was having a polite conversation with Sofia. Then, Mark staggered and wobbled over to where Sofia was and began to accuse her of flirting with his friend. He slapped Sofia, and she yelled at him. Everyone was taken aback by his actions.

After that, Sofia rubbed her reddish face, gave Mark the look, and continue with her conversation. She made excuses for him. However, Mark hardly ever except responsibility for himself. He takes the easy way out and blames others. This particular episode was because of stress on the job.

Sofia loves Mark so much; she would do anything to keep their marriage together. She denies that Mark has not been cruel and controlling or cause any harm. It is because of her denial, Mark will not take responsibility for what he has done. She glanced in Mark’s direction, and he was falling asleep on the sofa before the guest left.

The dinner party started to break up, mostly because of the stunk Mark pull. Sofia walked her guests to the front door, and Peggy offered her some much-needed advice. Nevertheless, she is still saying that Mark is under a lot of stress at work and he will be all right. Maybe something will happen to make Sofia see that Mark needs to get himself together and stop using alcohol as a crutch.

After the last guest left, Sofia cleaned up then, help Mark to bed. She has to understand that there is a difference in enjoying a drink and needing a drink. His drinking has become a problem, and Sofia has to realize that. If she does not, she is in for a rude awakening. She and her daughters deserve a lot better.

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8 thoughts on “Sofia’s View

  1. So when will we have a copy of some of your wonderful short stories. You are gifted, you maybe could write full novels, but that would take a lot of time, and yet all things are possible if one believe! You always place a nugget in our minds, and leave us thinking!


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