Castle in the Sky


Pam loves fresh fruit, so she paid a visit to the farmer’s market today. On her way back home, she walked along Charlotte Avenue. It was breezy and the fragrant of honeysuckle filled the air. Then, out of nowhere, a pair of shoes came flying out of the sky and hit Pam on top of the head. She fell to the ground. Unconscious, she had the strangest dream.

The shoes were a yellow, patent leather three-inch pump, shiny, and has seen many days; the left shoe was bent to the right and the heel was sawed down for comfort, but that would make a poor fit, because the right shoe was straight and narrow with no heel. The shoes has been through numerous trials and tribulations. However, through it all, the shoes still think that they are in demand.

In the mid 1980s, the shoes were trendy. But when the decade ended, the shoes still lived on. One day the shoes had the misfortune of coming in contact with an extra large set of feet, and the shoes suffered immensely. After that, things just went downhill, and the shoes became a cult. It had secret powers, and the shoes used that power to make Pam think she had a brand new pair of yellow pumps.

Pam is a student at Hawthorne University; she wants to teach creative writing. She has long blonde hair, sapphire eyes and a warm smile. When she laughs, she screams first. Pam always wanted a pair of yellow pumps, which is the same color as big bird; however, she could not afford them right away. As she dreamed, she saw a pair of yellow shoes right outside of her home.

Pam ran out to retrieve the yellow shoes, she tried them on and they were her exact size. She was delighted! She went back inside her apartment and still could not believe the nice yellow shoes were hers. She began to take the shoes off her feet; however, they did not budge. Pam pushed, and pull with all her strength, but still could not remove the shoes.

   “The shoes want come off I must be dreaming,” Pam thought to herself.

Pam got irritated as she continue to try to remove the shoes. The cult shoes spoke to Pam and she knew right them something was not right. She looked down at her feet and the mouth of the shoes was flapping. Pam did not know what to do except get something to pry those shoes off her feet. She looked around and found a set of pliers.

Pam grabbed the pliers, hooked them on each shoe, and pull them off. Then, she took each shoe and tossed it as far as she could. But that was not the end of the cult shoes. They came flying back and this time the shoes hit Pam smack dead in the chest. That did it for her. Her face was flaming red like a ripe tomato.

She ran into the apartment and threw both shoes into the fireplace. The shoes were squirming around trying to get out of the fire, but it was too late. They were weeping, wailing, and gasping for air.

   “That will teach you to fool around with the master of cults,” Pam said to herself.

Finally, Pam awaken with a huge headache, and with no knowledge about the dream, but she had an impressive sense of liberation. She felt as if a tremendous burden has been lifted.




“The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences,  and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”

-Christopher McCandless




It is said from long ago that the right personality will take you far in life. Thomas, a charismatic and caring doctor is on his way home from a long grueling day at work. While driving, he saw something in the middle of the road; he came to a screeching halt, and jumped out of his car only to see that he almost ran over a child. However, it was not a child it was a wizard.

The wizard has black curly hair that shined like mica, and his features were like a two-year-old child. His body is like a tower of lumpy pillows, and he stood twenty-four inches high. His name is Ezxeor. He is from a faraway land call Alma. Things are not going well for him in Alma, there is no obedience, no respect, and it is always chaotic. The magic just want work in Alma anymore.

Thomas is liked by everyone; he is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds. He has auburn hair with brown eyes and a welcoming smile. Thomas has been married to Sherri for six years; they have two children, Mark and Anthony, and they are his top priority. Thomas stands out, he is like a magnet, he draws loving caring people into his world, and he holds on to them.

“ I am not what I appear to be,” said the little Ezxeor.

“What are you, who are you?” asked Thomas.

“I am the Ezxeor of Alma, I’ve come to strip you of your confidence,” replied the wizard.

“Well, why me?” asked Thomas.

“The reason I chose you Thomas is, you have too many good traits that are not practical in my world,” said the wizard.

“They are helpful here, “replied Thomas.

The wizard informed Thomas that the only way he could keep his traits would be for him to bring his family to Alma, and become his leader. Thomas declined, and in an instant, the wizard waved his magic wand and Thomas became a cow and all he could say at that moment was moo, moo. He rejected the wizard’s powers with all his charisma and charm, and the wizard’s command failed.

That made the wizard very angry. He started to pounce, and he was gasping for air, then he blew a powdery substance in Thomas’s face and Thomas  started to sneeze uncontrollably. Each time Thomas sneezed, a branch came stumbling down off the trees. Soon all the trees on either side of Thomas were bare. He just could not stop sneezing.

The wizard took pleasure in watching Thomas sneeze. He jumped around, and skipped. After that, he danced a jig.  However, Thomas was persistent; he was not giving in to the selfish wizard. Then, Thomas blew his nose, and everyone within three blocks felt a blast of air. It was as if a mighty wind relived him of his sneezing.

At that moment, the wizard offered Thomas all the treasures in Alma, and again Thomas turn him down. The wizard face was a flaming red and like a freight train, steam was coming out of his ears. Then he turned Thomas into a stone. Thomas felt confined and lowly. He thought he would never see his beautiful wife and kids again, so he gathered up all the strength he could muster, and out of the stone, he came. He jumped on top of the wizard, and he stayed there until it was nothing more than a napkin. Birds were walking about on the wizard and looking for food. Ezxeor was no more. Thankful ,Thomas hopped in his car and never looked back.

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The Tire Brigand


Steven exhausted, from working all night at the hospital, walked to his car under the parking deck. When he got there, his tires were gone, the rest of the car was sitting on blocks, and nothing left but a shell. Steven was beside himself. He called the authorities and waited.

Steven Blakely is a hard working, easygoing man. He is a registered nurse at the University hospital in Arkansas. Steven loves his 1988 Oldsmobile, Cutlass and he spent hours adoring and fixing it up. In addition, he spent an unbelievable four thousand dollars for 20-inch gold custom rims. The rims were shiny, and they spin, even when the car was not moving. Then, to have all of this snatched away from him is crazy.

Steven had no idea who stole his tires. He made the report and called his girlfriend Dana to pick him up. While waiting for Dana, there was an odd-looking man standing in front of the entrance on the deck. He stood there staring and did not say a word. He was dress like the70s inspired him a lot. His beard was scraggly, and his blonde hair was like a thick bristled brush that hung across his forehead.

Steven approached the man in hopes that maybe he saw something.

“Sir, my name is Steven Blakely, I work here at the hospital and I was wondering if you saw who took the tires off this vehicle?  Steven asked hoping the man knew something.

“Why yes I did, my wife is on the third floor, she had surgery yesterday. I came out for a smoke about 3:oo a.m. and I saw three men get out of a tow truck and take the wheels off of that car. I went to the front desk to report it, but when they came out to see, those men were gone.” Mr. Wheeler said.

Dana arrived, inspected Steven’s car, and she was stunned. Dana is a pleasant and fun loving girl. She is a schoolteacher at Pope Academy. She loves Steven and hate for this to happen to him. She look forward to marrying him one day. Whoever did this is long gone. Dana tried to talk Steven out of getting rims before this happen because of the high crime rate.

She wanted to cheer Steven up by taking him to breakfast. Although he was starving, he just could not eat anything right then. He feels like he has been robbed, as well as assaulted and there is nothing he could do about it. Steven did think about getting wheel locks on his tires, but he put it off, that was something he should not have done.

Steven bought those pricey rims and did not think that anything would happen to them. Maybe insurance will cover some costs, however, expensive items like that is always a target for thieves. Locknuts on each wheel would have helped; at least they would have been harder to come off. Then, it may not be worth it to hang around; because there is a good chance, the thieves would be caught.

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