The Caretaker


Enjoying life is one of the great privileges of being human, Troy, a hard working truck driver cares about the flowers he sees on his route every day, particularly the sunflowers, because they are bountiful and bright. He worries about them, because every Monday morning Mr. Hoper the caretaker comes around and chops them down, and that disappoints Troy very deeply.

It was mid morning; the cool air is refreshing and the glistening sun has given the day great promise. Troy started his route and he was taken aback by all the different flowers and the scents they released. The time came for Mr. Hoper to start cutting, trimming, and chopping.

“Morning,” Troy said after Mr. Hoper got out of his truck.

“Well good morning, they finally sent some help huh?” asked Mr. Hoper.

“No, I’m not the help sir, I like seeing the flowers on my route every morning,” said Troy.

“Can you just not cut the flowers down, and let them do their job and thrive?” asked Troy.

“No, I can’t do that sir, I have to chop them all down, if I don’t they will become a nuisance,” Mr. Hoper said.

Just then, Troy heard another voice and it was not Mr. Hoper, it was the sunflowers. The sunflowers was ranting and raving. In so many words, it was pleading to Mr. Hoper not to cut them down, then, Mr. Hoper walked toward the sunflowers, and saw how upset they were, however, that didn’t change his mind, about chopping, as a result, the sunflowers sprayed a chemical in his face, and he was unconscious for several hours.

After several hours of being out cold, Mr. Hoper woke up and he was very confused. He looked at his watch and realized he had been out for a long time.

“Did I faint,” he asked himself. The sunflowers were swaying back and forth and all the time staring at Mr. Hoper. He decided not to do any trimming or chopping today since he did not feel well. The sunflowers were happy to see him go. They were swinging and singing a melody.

When Mr. Hoper returned, Troy was ready for him to start chopping. Each time he swung his blade, Troy used his electric arm to stop him and that went on for many hours. By the time Troy was done blocking, half of Mr. Hoper’s arm was gone. The sunflowers was happy, they were cheering Troy on. That made Mr. Hoper hopping mad, he ran to where his truck was parked, got in and with full speed ran over the sunflowers and her friends.

After that, Troy spit in Mr. Hoper eyes, and he could no longer see anything. He pleaded with Troy to help him get home, but Troy refused, and he was left wondering about in the streets trying to find his way.

Troy is the happiest man on earth, now he could enjoy his route every day, and take pleasure in the scenery just as he always wanted, without fear of someone plotting to cut them down. The sunflowers slowly but surely came back to life, and they flourish abundantly and shone more brightly than ever before.



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