Damage Goods


David, a 36-year-old man heard a noise from the old box of clothes he intended to throw away, and he turn his head somewhat.

A pair of jeans was hanging on the side of the box, its old faded out blue and torn, has seen its days. One end dangling toward the floor and the other end motionless in the box, as if waiting for a chance to devour him. David wore those same clothes for 15 years. He was a construction worker and now he has no use for them. He is an engineer and making more money than he ever dreamed.

David thought about leaving the clothes in the attic as a reminder of how far he’s come. But, there is a good chance that rats would discover it and make themselves a home. That is the last thing David wants is an attic full of rats. His nephew used the box of old clothes for hoop shots and just about tore the box up. David could see the box out of the corner of his eye, just staring.

This is the day David planned to do some things around the house, so he continued to clean the kitchen cabinets and wash the refrigerator out. When he went to check the clothes dryer, he glance toward the box and the pair of old worn out jeans was completely on the floor. David tripped over his own feet. “Had those pants been lying there on the floor all the time?” David thought to himself. He did not know for he was so into getting his chores done.

David went back to what he was doing, after ten minutes he looked across the room with a puckered brow, the old jeans creeped into the doorway of the kitchen. David did not pay it any mind. He kept cleaning the kitchen. The jeans moved to David’s feet. He hopped on top of the counter. “This is creepy,” David thought to himself. He jumped down off the counter hopped over the dreadful jeans and headed down the hall. He could not breathe, and he tried to scream but nothing came out.

Suddenly, the ghastly jeans attack David. It took him around the neck and squeezed the life out of him. David did not know what hit him, and he lay there still, quiet, subdued. The jeans slowly unwound itself from David and walked across the floor in a dashing motion until it reach the comfortable chair David favored. The jeans delightfully curled up in the chair.

“Nobody is gonna throw me away after 15 years of hard labor, I mean nobody, better think again,” he thought to himself. The old jeans fell into a deep sleep.